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Aircraft taking off from Brussels Airport without all luggage on board

Zaventem arrivals hall
11:01 03/08/2019

Some aircraft took off from Zaventem airport early on Saturday morning without all luggage on board.

A spokesperson said Brussels Airport suffered “a technical problem in its baggage handling system,” reports news agency Belga.

The system failure resulted in around 30 aircraft taking off with either only part of their luggage or no luggage at all. Flights between 6.00-9.00 were affected. Delays are expected to flights departing after 9.00.

“We sincerely regret the situation. Our teams are doing everything they can to repair the system and limit the impact on passengers so that normal operation will be resumed this afternoon,” said Brussels Airport.

This weekend is one of the busiest for the national airport with 83,000 passengers expected on Saturday, 89,000 on Sunday.

Photo: Belga /Yorick Jansens

Written by The Bulletin



the entire staff of this airport needs to be fired, they are pathetic, always ...always...always some new excuse....i don't believe them, they are doing this on purpose....probably really a work slow down or someone damaged a machine on purpose

Aug 4, 2019 07:53
Frank Lee

Wait, you mean... people actually expected their luggage to go to the same destination they were flying to? What a ridiculous idea! Things tend to become significantly faster once people start taking a random suitcase off the carousel instead of waiting for their own. I do the same thing at my son's school. So many parents tend to slow the whole process by insisting on picking a particular kid (their "own" child...), but not me; I just take the first one one coming out of the gates, and voilà! I feed the kid, help him with his homework, let him use my son's bedroom, and return him to school the next morning. If we can do that with kids, why not pieces of luggage?

Aug 4, 2019 17:48