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Air pollution problems should clear from Tuesday

20:26 08/04/2019

Monday was Belgium's worst day for air pollution so far this year - with a large part of the country exceeding the safe limit for fine particles.

High concentrations of PM10 particles were first recorded on Sunday, above 50 μg/m³.

At-risk groups, including the elderly, young children and people with asthma and cardiovascular problems, were advised to stay indoors. Prolonged physical exercise outdoors is not recommended until the smog clears.

No restrictions have been placed on vehicle use - such as speed limits or free public transport - as Belgium's inter-regional environment agency, Celine, forecasts an improvement from Tuesday.

Written by The Bulletin



Too bad they don't start forcing the airlines and industrial sector to stop polluting. It's so much easier and far more profitable to go after vehicle owners. Road traffic is definitely part of the problem but only a part.

Apr 9, 2019 11:28