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After School English


Does anyone know of English language support programs for native speaking kids in Brussels?

Our elementary-age daughters will be in the francophone public schools and thus will have no English at all at school. We speak English at home, so are not too worried about their spoken language. We would, however, love to keep them reading and especially writing in English at the same level as in French. Since it's on top of regular school, such a program would ideally be fun too, and a way to meet/hang out with other English-speaking kids.

Any recommendations?

If there's nothing out there, would others be interested in this kind of program for their kids, after school or on Wednesdays or whatever?


The nearest you will get is this group in WSP.


I have our kids in the French system, they appear fine in English, with the exception that they don't spell so well in Engish. They read in English spontaneously, I don't do any coaching at all, lazy me eh?

There are dozens of activities in English  (other than English lessons) in the greater Brussels area, would that not be an option?

There are also 2 English children's libraries in WSP, one at Centre Crousse, the other at the British and Commonweatlh Women's Club.

Nov 17, 2011 21:50