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After school care


We have chosen a great school in Tombeek, Overijse for our son who is 2.5. Unfortunately, it does not provide afterschool care on Wednesdays. Normally, what do people do in this situation. Does anyone have any suggestions? (what word should I google)

On another note, for those who have chosen to work 90% for this reason, did it effect your career negatively? I apprecicate the insight.

From the archives

I take Wed off for this reason...I dont think it has negatively impacted my career BUT my workload is no lighter than it was when I was working full-time. Thus I have to manage my work throughout the week better. So basically, less pay for the same amount of work but no more time to chit chat over a coffee like my full time colleagues. ( :

Aug 23, 2011 14:56