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Hi everyone,

For a few years I have tried to find a good, challenging and with a somewhat difficult choreography in Brussels. I found some that where okish not spectacular but acceptable... Its been a few years I haven't looked for it again but just started now. These days it seems hard to find and I mostly see zumbas and step fit and aerodance which is really not what I like (old school aerobics :)). I tried Stadium, winners, word class, passage fitness, aspria arts loi in the past and last week Jims but it was really more videoclip dancing than aerobics. Anybody knows where I could find something choreography wise challenging and old school aerobics/step classes in Brussels?




Not quite sure what you mean by old school aerobics but you could check out Friskis and Svettis:

Loads of different classes, levels, some more challenging than others, all guaranteed to make you sweat!

Apr 16, 2015 11:51

To find old school aerobics/step classes in Brussels you have to find an old school gym and the problem is gyms have to innovate with new classes to survive. Maybe you can find some old school gyms on this website: . It's a kind of database of the fitness clubs in Belgium. Some clubs looks very old school, maybe you can ask information to them.

Apr 29, 2015 20:52