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Advice for Job Hunting


Can anyone offer advice on breaking into the belgium jobs market. I have moved here with my husbands job. I have a business/science degree and have a very good track record in my employment record. I have approx 4 years work experience in Food & Pharma industry. I only speak english but I'm currently taking french lessons. Is it possible to get a job when I can only speak english. Also can anyone advise on what Belgium employers are looking for as I'm having no joy so far in my search for a position and would love to work. 


I think you are on a dependent visa and maybe not from the EU belt if i am not mistaken ?

 If yes , then two options to work .

1) Go for a job interview , the company which selects you will then apply for your W/P. You will then be working as an Employee of the company.

2) Apply for a professional card . This way you can independently apply for the relevent company and no W/P required if they like your profile. You would then be working on a contract.

Without option 1 or 2 you cannot work in Belgium if you are a non EU citizen.

Option 2 will probably take a longer time .

I am not exactly sure what job profile or degree you have . But, in Belgium if you have a Phd in sciences , Microbiology , Medical Sciences degrees then you tend to get a job easily since there seems to be dearth of people in this field.

Hope this helps , welcome to Belgium and all the best

Sep 13, 2011 09:52