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Advice from a handyman needed


Dumb question but - I need to hang something from the ceiling. Have tried it before with a screz, which soon comes out. So I guess I need to drill and use one of those grey plastic things encasing the screw. So my question is: how do i do it? Do I drioo first using just the bit, and then push in the grey thing, and then screw the screw into the grey thing? Sorry, single woman with no DIY experience.

From the archives

I'm afraid it's not quite so simple.
what is the ceiling made of ?
how heavy is the thing you want to hang ?
do you know if there are any pipes or wiring you might encounter when you drill ?
before you do anything give the above some thought and then come back for some more informed answers.
ps. the grey thing would be a raw plug (come in many types and sizes)

Aug 26, 2011 16:23