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Advice to British citizens in Belgium


I am presently on holiday in Spain. The press and local radio station have been very diligent in advising British citizens living here what action they need to CONTINUE living here.
Depending on whether they are ‘resident’ in Spain ( very many are not), they are being advised to register and will be advised what action they require to take in order to continue living here.
I have not been aware of a similar situation in Belgium.
I am aware that many British citizens have applied for Belgian citizenship, but what about those who haven’t? Will they be allowed to continue living in Belgium?



Info has been on embassy website for months!

Mar 29, 2019 13:56
Sarah Crew Mar 29, 2019 17:08

You must have been sleeping. It s been in the news for months in English, French and German.

Yesterday national legislation passed to guarantee British citizens rights on e and e+ cards to 31/12/20 and onwards is unknown but likely d cards.

1000s of British citizens have done Belgian nationality by declaration in the last few years. That is also extensively covered in the media.

Mar 29, 2019 20:21