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Adult dance class in Ixelles


Does anyone know of a good dance / exercise class for adults in Ixelles? For modern jazz / hip hop dance preferably, but would consider anything...



I don't know about Ixelles, but there's a good Discofit class for Adults in Waterloo on a Wednesday morning and Tervuren on a Monday morning and Monday evening :-)

Aug 28, 2013 22:29

You could try Fred academy - they have dance classes for adults and will have their trial weekend coming up soon (if it wasn't last weekend!)

Aug 28, 2013 23:47

You could try salle dublin.

Sep 3, 2013 12:11


I have been searching for modern jazz dance in Ixelles too, and I have come across this school:

They do other dances too. Unfortunately, their times are not convenient for me, as I often work in the evenings, but perhaps for you they are fine.

If anybody knows about MORNING or AFTERNOON adult dance classes in Ixelles, I will be very thankful to you for a tip. I hope I am not the only adult with unusual work hours, and we can make a small class :-) Thanks!

Sep 19, 2013 14:27

Aca Yantra is by Place Flagey and they have classes during the day, but it's contemporary and ballet:

Feb 19, 2014 16:22