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Abuse of "Report abuse"


To the site admin: I notice to my dismay that despite all the changes you have implemented on the site, and the fancy new layout, the "Report abuse" function is still available, and as before, ripe for misuse.

Why, for example, has the absolutely reasonable question from this morning about a rental apartment exit inspection been removed? There was nothing abusive about the question at all. It has been reported purely out of malice.

Now, when at least it is compulsory to login in order to report something as abuse, I hope you are making note of who are the biggest culprits of malicious reporting.

Thomas Buytaert

Hello Malone,

the big difference is that only registered users can use the 'Abuse'-function so we can - indeed - monitor this on a user-level. I will check on your question asap.


Kind regards,



Sep 9, 2011 10:21