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I live in Antwerp, my eldest daughter will start attending primary school from next year onwards.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances , I HAVE to take my daughter back to our native place ( non-euro) from next week till Mid January, she will not attend school for over a month ( excluding the holidays)

I tried to look for information on the web if this is possible and if this would affect her enrollment to Primary school. She is very much a normal child and speak fluent Flemish.

I approached the school, but they were of little help. Can someone help we with this information.


Best Regards,




Do you mean your daughter is in dritte kleuter now and will miss a month of kleuterschool? You wonder if this will affect her enrolment in lagere? 

I would discuss this directly with the school, yes there are rules about attending dritte kleuter to be eligible for entry into lagere, but I know it is also more complex than that, I don't have enough knowledge. Possible that if the rule is a certain attendance in dritte kleuter and your child falls under the minimum attendance, you could possibly get around the rule by withdrawing from school and re-enrolling back in the same school once you are back in January, with the consent of the school? My best guess is there shouldn't be any discrimination for lagere. Good luck.


Nov 16, 2011 09:26