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9 years contract termination


Hello friends,

I am now in my fourth year of a 9 years contract. I know I can leave now with a three months notification. I would like that my check out date is 26 JUN. What do I need to do? Can I just send a mail and when should I send it? How does it look like - any specifics?

Thank you in advance!


the procedure should be mentioned in your contract, but normally you need to send a registered letter to your landlord (with return receipt to ensure the landlord has received it).
It will be valid from the 1st day of next month? So if you sen d it today it will be valid from April 1st. That also means that you have to pay the full rent for April-May-June.
I guess you can agree with your landlord to leave at the date you prefer but you still have to pay June in full.

if you Google images "lettre de resiliation bail bruxelles" you have some examples in french which you can use as templates.

Mar 16, 2021 13:26

Far and away the safest way to deal with this is to produce two copies of your notice to quit and hand deliver them to your landlord. Get one of them signed as proof of receipt of the other.
This must be dated on or before 31 March and you will have to pay rent until 30 June though, obviously, you can leave whenever you choose. You will also have to agree a date for the property to be inspected by the landlord or their representative.

Mar 17, 2021 10:35