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Théâtre l'Improviste
08/01/2023 from 20:30until 08/01/2023 - 20:30
8 Jan
Théâtre l'Improviste
120 Rue de Fierlant
1190  Bruxelles

We are only what we mean to others

The inscriptions on a tombstone are only a summary of one’s life. The fraction of that person visible to all. Their true nature, on the other hand, is so often well hidden under the surface.

7/8 dives deeper into the complexity of people and their stories. In this improvised long-form, Falafel Waffle show the contradictions of one’s life starting from the end - a funeral.

You provide the “R.I.P.” facts and together we’ll explore one’s true nature through what really matters : the relations they had during their lifetime.

Location : Théâtre l'Improviste (120 rue de Fierlant à 1190 Bruxelles)