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50x50mm photos


I need to submit a request for a visa for my next holiday which requires 2 50mmx50mm photos according to the website. Is this a standard measure and I can take photos in any of those machine in metro stations (for example) or should I go in some specific place? 50x50 sounds a tiny bit bigger than normal in my head. also procedures for indian tourist visa seem to be changed since July 25th, anything I should know about it for someone who took it recently? it is explained online but....

From the archives

I recently applied and received a tourist visa for India. They were very efficient and pleasant at the visa application center. After giving them the completed papers it took about 4 days for the visa. Just read the questions on the application sheet VERY CAREFULLY when filling them out. Make sure you take everything necessary with you to the visa center including a photocopy of your ID card.

Sep 5, 2011 09:15