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5 years residence card


Hi I am non Eu living and working in belgium .
I was registered on 1 april 2015 .So i completed 5 years on 1 april 2020.
Currently I have my valid work permit and residence card valid till 31 feb 2021.
Can Apply now in may 2020 for my 5 years residence card or I need to wait till my next renewal in 2021.
due to corona virus my company wont apply for renewal of my work permit .
So what options i have to get 5 years card mark me safe to live in belgium.

Thanks For your answers.



May 15, 2020 13:28

You can apply for Belgian nationality now. I suggest you do so without delay.

May 18, 2020 15:59

First you would need to apply for B Card/ permanent residence.
Once you obtain that, you may apply for Nationality afterwards.
What J says is not fully correct. Non-EU citizens cannot apply for BE nationallity without being long-term residents first

May 19, 2020 09:28

Hi, there!

be aware that they will count 5 years of residence from the date you received your first A-card, sometimes the date of registration differs from the date of A-card issuance. In my case I was registered on 19 August but I received my first A-card on 4 October, so they counted 5 years from 4 October.
If you reached your 5 years you can ask your commune to start procedure of obtaining B-card though given current circumstances and depending on the commune they might ask you to wait for better times.

May 19, 2020 14:20

Hello guys,

As EDI and Denniss mentioned on the B card. I would like to ask if you guys see the different between D and B in procedure actually? I know that D card is a kind of “Long term residence status” which allows to work around European countries. Its condition is clearly state on the law. In contrast, B card is also unlimited residence and work but restricted to Belgium and still a kind of certificate of foreigners. I also think of applying for the B card but I cannot see if getting a B card is easier than a D card or not.

Thank for clearing me up!

May 25, 2020 02:19

Hi, Peter!

the difference is that card B is automatically approved by the DVZ when you reach 5 year residence provided that you worked all those years. When you receive card B you still remain in the Register of Foreigners. Card D - you need to proactively ask and the procedure is different, you will need to apply and wait (up to 6 month if I am not mistaken) until the decision is taken. Once granted you will be put in the population register.
I heard once you receive card B you can apply for card D.

To sum up, getting card B is a bit much more straight forward and faster than obtaining card D.

May 29, 2020 11:39