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5 years card for detached workers


Hi, No EU citizen. Working for non eu company. But I have been working on site in belgium from last 5 years . I am working on detachment work permit from last years . Normally my Belgian associate company applies for my work permit and residence but it’s always for 12 months and keep in renewing.
What is the process and criteria for 5 years card


After completing 5 years on work permit B (Residence permit A) when you apply for the 6th work permit you should get your Card B (PR card) after which you wont ever need a work permit.

Mar 3, 2021 21:58

Hi criss
But when I called immigration Offi e in Brussels to check why they did not give me B card , they Said I did not ask for it .
Can you tell me what is the process to ask I mean is their any particular process to ask .

Mar 26, 2021 21:32