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5 year work for nationality


I want to know if a person want to declare the nationality through 5 year work. So does this mean he or she has to show un intrepted work for 5 years. What if the work is stop for few moths and then start again. Can some one please guide ???


q - "if the work is stop for few moths and then start again" (sic)
a - Unfortunately, if the work has stopped for a few months, it is not continuous and therefore does not qualify.

Apr 17, 2018 19:07

That's wrong ANON - you need to be able to show a certain number of days worked over the 5 year period (I think it's 420, but I could be wrong).

Best thing to do is to pop along to your commune and get them to check the documentation you've got. They will tell you if anything is missing.

Apr 17, 2018 19:09

It's 468 days in five years, J, and all the relevant information will be found on this official page (in French, there are equivalent pages in Dutch and German):

Apr 17, 2018 20:36

So in case you have a break in employment that will logically not help you with applying for citizenship using the 5-year uninterrupted work route. But the alternative to that is in the preceeding 5 years of application with a break in employment you still qualify if you can prove 468 working days (roughly a little over 2 years of work) of full time employment + integration (language L2 and social integration classes).

Apr 22, 2018 20:52

I had a 2 week break in social security between ending a job as an employee and setting up as an independent. My commune would not accept this and I had to take the 10 year residency route.

Apr 28, 2018 23:53