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4 month wait for citizenship?


I submitted my citizenship application (via declaration) 4 months ago tomorrow...3 April. The person at the commune immediately judged it complete and gave me an accusé de réception the same day, dated 3 April.

No news since then other than a quick police visit a few weeks after to verify my residence at my apartment. My commune is notoriously slow to contact people so perhaps in the next several weeks I will pester them if no news.

Does anyone know if the court has maximum 4 months from the date of the accusé de réception to potentially reject you? Or is it 4 months from whenever the court receives the application the commune has forwarded?

I don't know what date the commune forwarded my application to the court--perhaps it took another couple weeks?-- I am curious if the 4 month period is from the date when you receive the accusé de réception or from whatever date the court receives the forwarded application?


Should be 4 months from receipt once the commune has forwarded. Don't expect to hear anything until 5-6 months, depending on commune, but it's usually good news if you haven't had a negative response within the 4 months

Aug 2, 2018 14:18

Years back, when the law was three months, if the commune didn't receive a response within the specified period, they were legally obliged to grant citizenship.

Aug 2, 2018 20:40

Its the 4 months from when commune finished completing the application with additional documents required and forwarded to court/ministry.In my case commune took one month to forward the application. Worst case, you have to wait for one more month. But, it is already a good sign and hope you will hear the news you are waiting for soon. Advance congratulations!

Aug 7, 2018 16:49

Hi, WendWorld!

Did you in the end get the answer and when? I am in a similar situation and wound be curious to hear about the result.

Oct 8, 2018 14:37