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30kph zone in Brussels: which roads will be affected?

10:12 07/01/2020

More details have emerged about Brussels' forthcoming 30kph zone, which is due to come into force on 1 January 2021.

Brussels Mobility has published a map (PDF) showing which roads will be excluded from the 30kph general rule. A speed of 50kph will still be allowed on major roads including the inner ring and its tunnels, Avenue Louise, Rue de la Loi, Rue Belliard and Boulevard General Jacques.

Most of the Chaussées connecting Brussels with the suburbs will pass from 50 to 30kph. The reduced speed limit will also apply to all minor roads in the Brussels region.

There are several roads where the speed limit has yet to be decided. Brussels Mobility will consult with the affected municipalities, police and Stib before deciding whether to apply a 30 or 50kph limit.

Among the roads yet to be confirmed are Avenue Rogier in Schaerbeek, Tomberg and Chaussée de Stockel in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Square Ambiorix in the EU district and Chaussée de Boondael in Ixelles.

Roads in purple on the Brussels Mobility map will pass from 50 to 30kph. Roads in green will have a 50kph limit. Those in orange have yet to be decided. All the uncoloured roads will be 30kph.

According to Brussels Mobility, about 60% of roads in the Brussels region are already in a 30kph zone. The agency says that 50 people in Brussels are killed or seriously injured each year due to speeding.


Written by The Bulletin


Frank Lee

"The agency says that 50 people in Brussels are killed or seriously injured each year due to speeding."
The dictionary definition of speeding is: "driving faster than is allowed in a particular area."
Logically, then, the problem is not with having a speed limit at 50 or 30. The problem is with the people who don't observe that limit. As always, the government changes rules instead of enforcing the current ones.

Jan 8, 2020 15:55