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I have had a company car all along now i have to get something of my own.
Big brands like BMW, Audi, Merc or VW are quite expensive. Even if i find a family car my budget (20 k) including warranty, i am not sure if they can have a reasonable life span.

A bit confused, any help is appreciated.



you have plenty of options if your budget is 20k, especially if you look at smaller cars or at slightly cheaper makes that still have a good track record, like newer model Fords. Suzuki, Nissan and Honda are also good bets. you should check out some sites that rate cars, there are loads of UK websites doing so. that's how i discovered that the new Fords, a brand i would have never considered previously, actually had a great repair record. I bought a new Ford Fiesta a couple of years ago for well under 20k and am really happy with it.
Cardoen is a good showroom for cars that are a year or more old:
you can also just simply visit car lots to see what's on offer and for how much, to get an idea.

Apr 14, 2015 17:25

An negotiate on price and check out offers -- €20k covers a vast range of makes and models new -- and even, more second hand -- when buying second hand -- ensure you have a full service record -- have it double checked by a dealer (they can plug into the computer) (I remeber a story on here a while back where a car had a falsified service record and far higher mileage than showed on the speedo. -- Also if second hand -- even with all in order - was it driven by a "racer"?

Also - All second hand cars -- even under 4 years old -- have to be sold with a "fresh" car pass -- this is seperate to the standard CT test

Apr 14, 2015 17:47

Hi kim, first off decide what you want from your car. Two doors, four doors large boot etc, to suit your needs. This will give you a place to start looking. Next check out your insurance category and price because that may well increase if you get a larger or more sporty model. Go and look at some cars, don't have anything fixed in your mind, see what feels good to sit in. We have bought cars this way, go and see what we like.
Then check out some online reviews. I have to say that toyota have good build quality as a rule. As you have limited knowledge see if you can find a friend whose a bit of a car enthusiast to come along and can't to the dealers so they can make sense of what you're told.

Apr 16, 2015 00:33


Apr 16, 2015 23:54