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13.92 month Salary and quitting a job


Hi, Lets say that someone joins a job mid-year, say august or September or so. In the first December, he gets nothing in place of his 0.92 month 'extra' salary, and the first May that follows, he gets 4/12*monthly salray -tax deductions and so on. The following december he gets his full 0.92 month extra allowance, and the may to follow, he gets his 13th month salary in full after tax deductions. Now, he decides to quit and leave belgium in September. What happens to the 0.92 month salary for that year? In total he has worked two years, but gets only 13.92+12.25 months salary in total, but shouldn't he have gotten 13.92+13.92 months salary? Is it paid out when he leaves? From what I understand, in a contract you get a gross salary which is then divided 13.92 times so that you can get that 'extra' money in may and december. In that case for two years of working he should get 2*his yearly gross salary right?


@ Allan.Alphonse - From what I understand, in a contract you get a gross salary which is then divided 13.92 times

This is incorrect.

Most people in Belgium, are not contracted on an annual salary, they are contracted on a monthly salary. Unless you have a contract that states exactly what your annual salary will be, you are misunderstanding how the system works.

The additional salary and holiday pay that has accrued to you will be paid out when you leave.

May 18, 2020 10:33

Let's say you have an employment contract.
Let's say you read it.

May 18, 2020 16:01

Hello, I have the same situation here. I have just yesterday posted the same question so I want to join this discussion. Contrary to the last comment, there is nothing about this in the contract - research position- and the people who are responsible are not willing to answer this question. This is why we are left in the dark. Do not jump on us so easily, please. My question was also about the payment of a holiday when you leave - the month of May and December in the year coming after you have left. I am also interested in what happens if you do not take the so-called paid annual leave? In my case, I simply cannot use it due to much work. In certain places, you receive it in the end however the Belgium system is the most complicated one I have encountered.

Jun 19, 2020 11:10