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1 year in Belgium



I have been living and working in Belgium for almost one year and I would really like some help because I face some issues in my working environment that affects my personal life. I work as a manager in a huge Asian company and that is the reason that made me get the decision to move to Belgium.
Unfortunately, the reality is not what I really thought as they demand to work long hours, the environment is really toxic, my manager always sought at me instead of guiding me almost from the start, a substantial part of the staff is absent for long periods due to burn our etc...
I really like the country, I really love Belgium and I would really like to stay here for a longer time but my professional life has already started affecting my personal life. Is all this I described a normal working life in Belgium? is always like that? or should I start urgently looking for a new job?

Thank you


Sadly you hit the wrong company with bad management. Well paid senior managers are expected to put the hours in, in most countries and in big companies, but there is a limit.
If you are not happy in your work, change it.

Mar 27, 2020 23:59

I think that this is happening because also of the origins and culture of the company. As I mentioned is an Asian company. I have worked at some other companies and all European and I have never seen behaviors like I am experiencing at the current company. Also, I have already told twice to the senior management that I can't continue if they keep having this behavior against me and they managed to improve-change their attitude for a short period asking me also to stay in the company and whether I ve found another job ...but later on the same again...really crazy!

Mar 28, 2020 09:33

Your options are:
- Join a union, get involved, fight the system
- Find a new job.

This is normal for anywhere in the world. Some companies are toxic, some are not.

Mar 28, 2020 13:38

Again, go looking for a new job.
I have had experience of working with the Japanese. They are much better now, but certainly in the past, they were misogynistic, homophobic and anyone with tattoos or piercings were very much looked down upon. Our MD's wife would always walk a few steps behind him.

Mar 28, 2020 13:56

I dont have much direct contact with the Japanese or at least I don't have a daily contact but I think that the problem is the general culture of the company even if it is managed mainly by Europeans. Of course, all these Europeans have spent the majority of their life there without knowing how the rest business world works or at least they are not really willing to open their ears and eyes and learn...

Mar 28, 2020 16:52

The Japanese are generally very good employers and very fair. Your problem seems to be the locals. Their approach and your ideas seem to be at odds. MOVE JOB for your health and well being. It’s where you spend most of your waking day.

Mar 30, 2020 00:16