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1 week sole vacation - where?


I'll have a spare 1-1.5 week of holidays in September. None of my friends will be able to join. Any suggestions of possible places to go to (things to do) by myself?

I'm a guy in late 20s. Seaside would be nice (France, Italy, Canary islands?) but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!


Prague. Budapest.

Aug 12, 2013 00:55

Small brewery tour of Denmark. Start with near Esbjerg and move east. Fly to Copenhagen, train to Esbjerg. Always fancied this as a 'road' trip, would be good to write up as well.

Aug 12, 2013 08:05

Sardinia! Alghero for instance is connected via Ryanair from Charleroi:

Aug 12, 2013 14:40

I don’t know what your preferences are (party guy or adventurous traveler?) but if you want to try something off the beaten track what about Jordan?
I found it a safe country and extremely interesting. Petra alone is worth the trip if you are into archeology and old sites. Jerash also deserve a visit.
The desert Wadi Rum is extremely fascinating and an overnight stay in a tent with jeep and camel ride sounds a bit touristy but really worth the experience.
For sun and sea you can try Aqaba (nice coral reef south of town) and a visit on the Dead Sea it is also fun for a day.
I found the local cuisine good and appetizing and the people extremely friendly. Everywhere I was greeted with smiles and “Welcome to Jordan!”.

Aug 12, 2013 15:06