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Yoga Teacher Training in Bangalore

07/12/2018 from 12:00until 04/01/2019 - 9:00
7 Dec
108F, MLA Layout, RMV 2nd Stage,Boopasandra, Near Boopasandra Bus-stand
Boopasandra Near Boopasandra Bus-stand, Bangalore
Bengaluru  Karnataka  560094

Commence the yogic voyage with yoga teacher training, and acquire the heightened learning of the ancient art in this month-long training. The holistic practice and learning of yoga disengages you from the outer world and lets you connect with your inner-self for a better understanding of your mind, body and soul. Transpire to the classic yogic land for an immersive training of the ancient art that make you experience a continual state of delight.

About the Program

Explore the sacred philosophy of yogic science on the birth land of the ancient art, and get enthralled with the mystic learning of yoga. Transpire the yogic voyage to the ‘Garden City of India’, Bangalore, and experience soulful vicinity as you delve deeper into the practice under the esteemed guidance of experts and yogic gurus.

Yoga teacher training in Bangalore is an apt course for people who want to familiarize themselves with different aspects of yoga in its unadulterated form. With our 200 Hour YTTC course, we bring to you the true essence of yogic learning here in Bangalore. The course enlightens the practitioner and evolves them into an ardent yogi and a yoga teacher.

Program Highlights

• Here you learn the traditional yoga teaching through- Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Karma, Yin Yoga, and more.
• Gain the rooted knowledge of yogic science and nurture your inner-being through the learning of Yoga Philosophy and other ancient scriptures.
• Drive the mind into the ultimate silence zone with the practice of meditation.
• Get introduced to different asana types, learn both the practical and theoretical knowledge, and get it corrected with the understanding of Adjustment and Alignment.
• Understand the body with the study of Yoga Anatomy, and learn about the anatomic structure.
• Understand the importance of breathing correctly with the training of Yoga breathing or Pranayama.
• In order to transform the students into a professional teacher, the class of teaching practicum or teaching methodology helps.
• Know everything about Shat Kriyas - internal yogic cleansing, attain knowledge of yoga principles and ethics, learn Mantras and know about Chakras.
• Attain the profound knowledge of the ancient science of healing with Ayurveda training, and also learn Ayurveda cooking.


Learn and rejuvenate amidst the calming environment of our school, far away from hustled-up city life. Our Ashram presents you the comfiest and delightful staying experience, and accommodates you where nature is showering its love in abundance. We offer to stay at our Vedic-style ashrams, located within the school complex and are well-furnished and facilitated with modern amenities.


Similarly, to the amazing stay, we allow the students to nurture their body and soul with extremely delectable food we offer thrice daily with herbal drinks. Prepared with utmost care by our expert Ayurveda chefs, the meal is completely vegetarian-Sattvic and loaded with nutrients. Yoga certification in India programs is surely a way to taste the palatable Indian Sattvic cuisine.


• Share Room: 1350-1450 USD
• Private Room: 1500-1600 USD

About Us

Serving people since 2012, the school bestows the authentic learning of yogic science under the esteemed guidance of Shwaasa Guru. Our aim is to spread the yogic wisdom and awareness across the world and let people uplift the amazing benefits of yoga practice. Also, we do share the knowledge of spiritual being, and how yoga can connect us with our spiritual self, and the universal consciousness.