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Why do an Executive MBA at Solvay? Register for info session on 12 June

11:04 29/05/2018

Sponsored: Solvay Brussels School explains why its Executive MBA program can boost your career

We are living in unprecedented times where two forces have come together: the digital transformation that generates amazing technological progress and the unlimited connectivity the internet provides.  Together, they set the world on an exponential curve of knowledge, change, and possibilities. It changes the way we live, learn, and grow. To fully seize the opportunities of this new reality, the Executive MBA at Solvay is an outstanding choice. Let us explain why and how.

A curriculum tailored to today’s needs

Solvay’s Executive MBA is designed to turn you into a confident leader able to thrive and lead  in the new technology-driven world.

There is still a lingering paradigm that depicts MBA graduates as “jack of all trades, master of none” who just network towards a highly-paid consultant job and career.

Nothing is farther from the truth at our Executive MBA at Solvay Brussels School. In fact, the School’s founder – Ernest Solvay - was a visionary industry leader and philanthropist of his time.  He established the school in 1903 to get more out of his scientists and engineers by providing them with business and management skills. Fundamentally, he saw the potential of connecting science and business for maximum results.

We are still living this principle today. Our holistic, tailored, cutting-edge program delivers rounded and ambitious transformational leaders.

Solvay’s Executive MBA program includes:

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, the Digital Enterprise, Information Technology and E-Commerce, as well as Marketing 4.0, and Corporate Social Responsibility, in addition to the classic courses in management, finance, accounting, and business  
  • An intense, immersive study trip to Silicon Valley
  • An amazingly diverse environment: our cohorts’ participants come from all over the world, from various sectors and disciplines – and gender equilibrium is a key policy of the school. Net, cultural fluency is not only taught in our Career Advancement Program, it is a permanent experience in the classroom 

Lead your own personal transformation

The premium of leadership in today’s volatile environment has never been higher.  Leaders face enormous expectations and challenges as they need to set out the right vision, advance their goals, organize and engage humans, and navigate around the uncertainties by anticipating and managing risks.  Solvay’s Executive MBA delivers this need – we transform our students into confident global, all-round, confident leaders.

Our theme and spirit is to “Lead Your Transformation”, and throughout the experience we guide and support new leaders in how best to “Express Their Transformation”.  Our Career Advancement Program is holistic, personal and actionable.

Your personal return on investment

The Solvay Executive MBA paves the way to new career opportunities and higher wages, as witnessed by the career pivots performed by most participants, either through the creation of their own venture, through major career switches, or through significant evolution in their companies. But above and beyond an increase in salary or status, fulfilling the degree leads to three ‘intangible’ personal returns on learning: a personal growth, a unique network, and a stamp of excellence.

Solvay Business School

First, personal growth is the ability to further leverage your own potential, securing more professional freedom and  achieving a stronger fulfillment in your life.

Second, being part of a new cohort you will meet, network and even become friends with people like you, who have a strong desire to learn, to be better leaders and managers. After graduation you will join a top notch network, composed of numerous Belgian and international leaders, with strong holds in Paris, Geneva, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, to name just a few. Wherever you go you will have the opportunity to meet a member of the Solvay Alumni network, whose reputation is flourishing further every year.

Third, excellence. Beyond the broad reputation of the Solvay Brussels School, several indicators witness our permanent focus on excellence, aiming at securing high quality services and network. The Solvay Brussels School – and hence its MBA, is EQUIS accredited and will soon be AACSB (United States) Accredited. Our Executive MBA is as well AMBA Accredited. These accreditations secure worldwide recognition by our peers. Beside these international quality standards, we are proud to be ranked the number one executive MBA in Belgium, and 36 in the world, as witnessed by the latest QS ranking, here.

The result: you’ll find our graduates all around the world, proudly leading enterprises and managing projects all around world, expressing their Transformation in the way they have chosen to.

Take a first step to join us, visit the website and register for the next information evening on June 12. For more info, contact Anna Calgaro: or 02.650.66.73.

Written by The Bulletin