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Twinkle Toes creche


We are considering the English speaking daycare/creche Twinkle Toes for a 1 year old son and would like to know if anyone knows this place and could tell us what you think about it? Thanks!


It's excellent. We have three children who have enjoyed their time there. Wonderful carers, nice home-cooked meals and the kids are constantly stimulated, entertained and loved. I strongly recommend it.

Jan 9, 2014 12:22

Second that - all in all my kids spent 5 years there, we were very happy with them.

Jan 12, 2014 16:07


I am living in Shanghai right now, but we are moving to Belgium, could you please give me more information about twinkel toes ? where is it? cost? easy to have a spot? phone number? Is it all in English? Safety ? how many kids do they have? big or small creche?

Thank you,

Jan 13, 2015 16:00


I am also considering to send my 14 month old son there can you pls give me its phone number and address so I can call them?

Thx a lot,


Mar 30, 2015 21:49

Had a visit at Twinkle Toes- what a nightmare!!

Vindy, the manager supreme, dragged us in the door and SPOKE AT US for 90 minutes- before allowing us the chance to speak, interact, etc.
She 'warned' us she doesn't waste time with people not adhering to her ultimate plan, and she screamed on and on at 100 KPH without once stopping to breathe.

She refuses to employ Belgians 'as they only want chomage, and it's a nightmare to work with them' - she prefers to hire Polish, and subservient attendants- her words!
She RANTS on and on and on about her pedagogy, and how perfectly, and militantly she raises the children. Photos of 2 classes on the wall, might have been cute until my SO pointed out none of the children were smiling!

Odd, right?
All this, perfectly manufactured and regimented care for a mere 850+ a month!

As we finally tired and managed to eek our way to the exit- she asked me if I was planning my cesarean already (did I look too posh to push?!), and started kissing us- no less than 4 times each- very, very odd behaviour!

Sorry I'm no push-over, and certainly not a diplo-doormat willing to pay this exorbitant price! WE PASSED!

Jul 9, 2015 11:16

We also visited Twinkle Toes, and I'm a bit taken aback by the previous comment. I guess Vindy's character, presentation and manner might "click" with someone and not "click" at all with someone else, but we were mesmerized by her energy and enthusiasm, it seems that the kids could never be bored in her presence. She seemed to us to be genuinely enjoying her job and having a real "sparkle".
The creche looked lovely, the team nice, and the children happy (there was one crying child when we were visiting, but I presume it's hard to find a child-care centre where no child is crying at all), and as for the price, it's not the cheapest creche in Brussels, but still quite moderately priced in comparison to Kids Farwest or Montessori.
The comment about the class photos seemed quite weird to me, to be honest. I keep my kindergarten photos, and in none of them the kids are smiling, even as far as I remember we all loved the kindergarten a lot. Taking photos might be a bit stressful for young kids, mightn't it? If half of them are not crying in the picture, that's already cool.

Jul 17, 2015 00:24