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Trash bag and filth on the streets.. especially in Brussels (time for the container comeback)


Who came with this idiotic ideas for throwing the Trash bags in the streets of brussels? or any other big city in Belgium? i imagine you cannot take your Partner to romantic dinner anymore without the stink and the rubbish 'makes you gag' .Whats going on to this country? . why all developed countries using litter bins and containers. when walking down the streets of belgium it looks and stinks and under-developed.



Try Naples...

Jun 24, 2017 17:53

You must be in some alternate Brussels...

Jun 24, 2017 19:02

I think, rubbish bins take from the parking space. It sounds strange but usually the bins are removed by people who want to park.

Jun 24, 2017 20:06

the commune response,if you haven't gone there and ask is, "Mais c'est comme ça, monsieur." Welcome to Belgium!

Jun 26, 2017 18:36

How many 'big cities in Belgium' have you found this situation in? and how many 'streets of Belgium'?
Just because something happens in Brussels, doesn't mean that it happens everywhere.
I've lived in 3 different communes in my time here and have never had to throw rubbish bags into the street. Where I currently live, the bins are microchipped so that residents pay for the weight of rubbish that they do not recycle.
Before criticising 'Belgium', do your research - and that applies to JBMAC, too.

Jun 27, 2017 09:06

Kasseistamper thanks for your response . i don't know your history obviously. but i may say that i used to live in Antwerp Central, Mechelen, and now in Brussels not far from ING bank Trone and i must confess that it looks and smells bad.. when friends are coming from abroad they asked me the following: Are you serious? people throwing it on the streets twice a week a pile of garbage? i replied yes.
i used to live as well as in 3 different countries which all of them used container which was in many cases everyday was emptied. and please spare yourself from telling me to move elsewhere.I reserve all the right to challenge the "policy makers" .. all the connection between them and reality coincidental. Human have evolved since the middle ages and thats why civilized and using containers all size and shapes.

Jun 28, 2017 08:33