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Transitions Therapy International

Therapy, Counselling and Coaching Relocating to a foreign country can be an exciting and joyous experience with new adventures. However, Transitions also understands that acclimatizing to a foreign culture and trying to cope with new obstacles, can feel overwhelming. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety or low mood. You may develop feelings of isolation when realizing your usual support networks are thousands of miles away. Repatriation can be an equally distressing time, which is often overlooked or dismissed. Repats often find that family members, colleagues and friends are not able to understand the difficulties repats can experience. Repatriates can begin to feel a loss of self confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression in addition to a range of other difficulties. Transitions can help you explore your difficulties and options in order restore a more resilient sense of self. Numerous expatriate and repatriate people from various backgrounds around the globe, have felt the need to reach out for support and sought the assistance of Transitions. If you feel the need to talk, Transitions is here to listen and facilitate you through your difficulties. Emotional support services are provided face-to-face in Brussels and also via a secure HIPAA compliant online health video platform. Therapy and counselling are offered for people suffering from difficulties such as culture shock, cultural acclimatization, loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, low self-esteem and burnout, in addition to a range of other difficulties. Coaching services are also available for personal and professional development. Are you satisfied in your personal life? How about in your professional life? Do you feel that your capabilities are being utilized? Would you like to explore your situation and develop an increased self-awareness, and a higher level of self-confidence? Would you like assistance in discovering ways of working to your highest potential? If so, contact Transitions via: Email Telephone: 0491 972523 in Belgium or +32 (0) 491 972523 Internationally. Please visit for more information.

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