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A Taste of Coaching

30/05/2018 from 9:15until 30/05/2018 - 9:15
30 May
Motio-Personal Coaching

Are you wondering what Coaching is and how Coaching works?
You want to try out what Coaching can mean for your life?
You are looking for a Coach, but are not sure how to find the right personCoaching

If you are hesitating  - try out my  'Taste of Coaching'

5 good reasons to start with coaching NOW

1. Coaching helps you to discover what you really want to achieve in your life.Coaching is your soundboard unfolding all your dreams and ambitions and releases fear or doubts.

2. Coaching gives you the right inspiration how to realize and reach your goals.  Coaching motivates you to carry on and to accomplish what you take in hand. Coaching puts a strategy and the related action plan in place.

3. Coaching is a mirror, showing the limitations in your behavior, you cannot see yourself. Coaching cleans up with your restrictions and opens news ways to reach your personal and professional objectives.

4. Coaching takes place in a secure atmosphere and means focusing completely on your desires and ambitions. Coaching offers complete privacy and confidentiality.

5. Coaching is the art of making people more successful. Coaching supports you to find the balance between professional success and private happiness.

Curious what is in for you?

For more detailed information or a first introductory meeting please contact me:

Email or by phone 0497 361 464.

My offices are located in Antwerp  – reachable by public transports. Consultations as well possible in the evening or during the weekend, by skype or FaceTime 

Unlock your potential