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Shahram & Reza Mirjalali, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (Iran)

31/03/2018 from 20:00until 31/03/2018 - 20:00
31 Mar
Molière Theatre
Galerie de la Porte de Namur
1050  Bruxelles

We know Shahram Mirjalali because of his part in the CD by the Iranian group Shahkilid, recorded some years ago on the Muziekpublique label. Shahram Mirjalali is regarded as a point of reference in the highly regarded Ispahan school. Shahram began learning the tar (a long-necked Persian lute) at the age of seven, thanks to his father, before starting to teach himself the barbat (oud family) two years later.  When he was twelve he was invited to play the barbat on radio and television in the Kouzestan, region of Iran.  Shahram quickly came to be regarded as one of the finest players of the tar and played on instruments which he made himself!


The tar is made up of a sound box shaped like a figure eight, with a skin cover and a long fingerboard of 26 to 28 frets and three strings. Mirjalali can be recognised by the warmth and energy of his style and by his ability to combine virtuosity and technique with fresh and inventive musical ideas. For almost 20 years he played in a duo with the grand master of the ney Hassan Kassai. Over all these years he also taught the tar to his son Reza Mirjalali, whom we know now for his  duo « Neighbours » with the Italian accordion player Simone Bottaso, and who is coming here to accompany his father.


Finally, there are few musicians who cross the frontiers of their instruments, but the Iranian drummer Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is one of them. In his country his innovations are not always welcome, because they are thought to depart too far from tradition. In fact, they are quite stupendous when they are appreciated for their true worth!  Mohammad plays his powerful grooves without stopping, and sounds, all on his own, like a whole group of drummers.

  • Shahram Mirjalali: tar, barbat (oud)
  • Reza Mirjalali: tar
  • Mohammad Reza Mortazavi: tombak, daf