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Selecting the Pleasant Flea Remedy Approach For Your Puppy

30/01/2020 from 18:00until 30/01/2020 - 18:00
30 Jan
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Fleas are an absolute nuisance and if left untreated, they could be quite dangerous. Dog flea infestation is caused by many reasons but, many times, it is only the climate that is to be blamed. They are small in size and are not visible from above the coat.

However, if your dog or cat is constantly scratching its head, neck and tail area then you there are good chances that they have contracted flea infestation, but I will recommend you to also check out ESA letter sample.

Fleas cause excessive itching in animals and this itching causes hot spots and a number of other skin diseases. Fleas may be small in size, but they can cause your dog to experience excessive itching, hot spots, and skin infections.

If your dog is suffering from these symptoms or you want to prevent any unlikely situation then you have the following options to choose from.

1. Oral Chews and Medication:

Orals chews and tablets are effective both as a treatment and preventive measure. Ince ingested, the medicine travels into the bloodstream and reaches the skin of the animals. This kills the fleas and makes them jump off the animal’s body. In many cases, the larvae and eggs of the fleas are also killed.

Oral medication like NexGard Chewable, Sentinel Spectrum, and Trifexis helps in controlling diseases like hookworms, whipworms and heartworm disease in dogs.

2. Topical Flea Prevention Medication:

The topical medication comes in various forms like oils, lotions, and liquid drops. The treatment is effective to kill and remove fleas as well as prevent them in the future. To use the solution, apply it directly onto the skin of your animal, cat or dog, and especially between the shoulders, head and around the ears.

But, large and small dog breeds have different medication and you must find the one that is suitable for your animal. Some good choices are Flea5X Plus for Dogs, for small dogs, and Frontline Gold, Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix II for larger dogs.

3. Dog Flea Collars:

If you are looking for something that is extremely easy to use and is effective then flea collars are your ideal picks. Thes collars are flexible, thin, adjustable, and comes in different sizes. They are covered with medication that is designed to treat fleas and ticks and fleas away.

They could last for months and unlike topical treatment methods, you will not have to rub them on your dog’s skin.

4. Dog Flea Sprays:

Besides topical products and chews, flea sprays are also effective in getting rid of these dangerous parasites. These work great in between baths since the bath washes away the product. To use the spray, just spritz your emotional support dog coat from head to tail but do not spray directly on the head and eyes.

For them, use a cloth and rub it gently onto the skin. You will also find eco-friendly sprays that are good for your animal and keeps the house smelling good too.

Other than sprays, you can also use flea shampoos. An ESA letter makes you eligible to live and travel with your animal but this is not enough to maintain yours and your animal’s well-being.

You need to be careful and extra diligent especially when dealing with dogs as they are more outgoing than cats and have higher chances of getting fleas and other diseases.