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Residence Permit linked to Work Permit


My spouse arrived here as a dependent (based on my work permit/residence permit). Now she has started working. She got her work permit and along with that a letter stating her residence permit must be linked to her work permit and that she is no longer a dependent. Questions -
Is this mandatory to be done?
What implications may this have on the continuous 5 years stay and PR card?


Yes, mandatory, if she works and earns more than a certain (low) minimum amount, she cannot be a dependent.
The continuous 5 years stay relates to her registered RESIDENCE, that won't change, merely her status. In practice, the fact that she is working legally (and therefore paying IPP) will inevitably mean that she will be looked on more favourably than if she were just a dependent, especially if the work means that she has to speak one of the official languages.

Feb 21, 2019 20:24

Well my spouse got the information that her residence status has been reset. She can apply for the B card not before 2024! This has been confirmed by the ministry. But this is not okay as my spouse never requested this counter to be reset! Any help or information regarding how to react to this would be very helpful.

Apr 15, 2019 16:48