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PWI Your Path Event - Dare to Do! Women & Career Change

PWI Professional Women International Brussels
14/11/2017 from 18:30until 14/11/2017 - 18:30
14 Nov
Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie
Avenue Louise 91-93
1050  Brussels

From conception to action, from taking initial steps to achieving their dream jobs… how have professional women been successful in their career changes?  What processes have they been through?

We all know that career transition is not an easy path…and that is why our speakers, all women who made it through a career change, are here to inspire you with their stories…So, what are you waiting for?  Dare to join us for this unique PWI Your Path Event and kick off a new chapter of your career!

In a friendly trusting atmosphere, women from various origins and backgrounds will open their hearts and share the motivations and struggles from their life and career journeys. 

Some didn’t know what their destination could be but still embarked on the discovery journey, some had to leave behind relationships and beliefs, and learnt to do it, for some it was their bodies that sent them signs of a necessary change… They all have offered to tell their story and answer our questions about their journeys. 

This is your chance to ask them all you want, to DARE to DO what they have done, so you can start your own journey!

For example:

  • Did you follow an existing call to a destination or a passion?  Or did you 'discover' it at some point in your journey?
  • What would you recommend to someone that wants to start a journey but doesn't know which destination they are aiming for or even in which direction to go?      
  • How did you cope with messages such as:
      • What if I fail?
      • What will others think? 
      • This is stupid, crazy, a waste of time!
      • I’ll end up alone and broke!
      • I’m gonna lose everything I’ve worked so hard for!
      • I should do the logical thing
      • I’m throwing my career away if I do this 
      • I can’t say no to that
    • What were the joys and the rewards along the way?         

    And now it’s your turn. What’s the question that’s holding you back?  Share it on our social media channels it will surely resonate in other women J

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    The meeting is open to members and non-members