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Good day all.
Would anyone know/have an answer to this question: I became a Belgian National a year ago. My child was born in England late last year and has just got the Belgian Nationality through me, last month. I have been working with same company on a fixed contract for over 6 years now. My question is: am I entitled for ouderschapsverlof here in Belgium?
My child is back to England with the Mother

Oppressed in Oppem

Do you mean the standard parental leave or the special Covid one?

Jun 25, 2020 00:07

Hi, I mean the standard parental leave.
Thank you for you reply

Jun 25, 2020 01:16

You cannot work on a fixed contract for longer than 2 years. We need to use the correct terminology to see if you fit the rules.

Do you mean that you are a salaried employee of a company in Belgium and pay full social security contributions and you are resident in Belgium?

If so, the answer is yes.

Jun 25, 2020 07:51
Oppressed in Oppem

You would have the right to up to 4 months parental leave assuming you work in the private sector. You wouldn't however have the right to the allowance if you were to take the leave in the UK.

Jun 25, 2020 13:52
AsaR Jun 28, 2020 15:35