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Yoga Classes in South Delhi

03/10/2018 from 8:00until 12/12/2019 - 10:00
3 Oct
DLF Phase 5 D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor
Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53
gurgaon  Haryana  122009


The common schedule of a majority of Delhiites is defined by ‘office to home and home to the office’. Let alone the family members, there is hardly any time for the Self. While the life has become so fast and competitive, looking behind what has been left undone is practically a crime. Adding to the agony are the scientific modes of lavish life that have limited our physical movement. Aum Yoga Shala introduces you to the yogic way of healthy lifestyle with Yoga classes in South Delhi. The program will not only help you restore your physical and mental health but also guide you on how to manage the stressful routine of work and domestic life with ease.

Event Description:

Organized for the residents of South Delhi, this Yoga program is aimed at improving the overall wellness of the aspirants. Through various physical and mental exercises of Yoga, our trainers will guide you on how to lead a happy life. The daily Yoga classes in Delhi mark an ideal opportunity for you to become healthy in the mind and body.

Event Highlights:

• Introductory sessions of Yoga to know about the historical significance of the ancient science.
• Understand the basics of Yoga such as various types of Yoga and Yoga asanas.
• Daily practice of the physical asanas in a well-managed manner to get the most of the benefits from the practice.
• The classes begin with the chanting of Sanskrit Mantras to bring mental peace and stability.
• Mindful training of Meditation to learn the art of managing stress and anxieties that dominate the daily lifestyle.
• Get introduced to the teachings of Yoga and the art of leading a sattvic routine.
• Stimulation of the body energy with the practice of Pranayama.
• Talks and interaction with the trainers on how to include different yogic practices in daily life so that a wholesome schedule could be implemented.
• Intensive Yoga asanas for strengthening the body core and muscle building.
• Know about Chair Yoga to enjoy the benefits of Yoga even while sitting in the chair during work hours.


Visit our website, to have complete information about the Yoga classes in South Delhi and our other centers in Delhi NCR.

You can call us at +91 9999710033.

About Aum Yoga Shala: Considered as one of the prominent spots for Yoga training in Delhi NCR, Aum Yoga Shala has set a standard for fruitful Yoga sessions in the capital of India. Started and managed by a team of vehement yogis, the Yoga Shala is committed to promoting Yoga exercise and its outstanding benefits among the citizens. Along with Daily Yoga classes in its studios in Gurgaon and Delhi, the Yoga center organizes retreats and yoga teacher training programs for those interested in a deep level of Yoga education.