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Festival Artonov : L'alphabet, des pictogrammes révélateurs

Festival Artonov
13/10/2018 from 19:00until 13/10/2018 - 19:00
13 Oct
Bibliotheca Wittockiana
Rue du Bemel 23
1150  Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

Luc Schuiten, utopian architect ; Chloé Schuiten, cartoonist exploring life forms ; Antoine Boute, writer and sound poet ; Catalina Vicens, medieval portable organ.

To tackle writing, why not work it to its zero degree, its foundation - letters of the alphabet?
It is around this atomic question that the utopian architect Luc Schuiten, the sound poet writer Antoine Boute, the discovering designer of life forms Chloé Schuiten and the musician Catalina Vicens meet.

The letters of our alphabet come from signs representing elements of reality. The connection between each sign and element made sense when writing first emerged. Thus, in the third millennium BC, the head of ox was formalised and reversed to become the “A”. With time and the change in our way of life, the link between the letter and the thing it represented got lost as well as the connection between letters and the world. Now a world in crisis, our way of life is called into question.
It’s evident therefore that we must change our way of life. To learn to live differently one must be able to build other representations of the world which occurs particularly through writing.