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Festival Artonov : The Indian Queen loves chocolate

Festival Artonov
11/10/2018 from 17:00until 11/10/2018 - 17:00
11 Oct
Hôtel Frison
Rue Lebeau 37
1000  Brussels

Laurent Gerbaud, chocolate shop ; Les Muffatti de Poche, baroque ensemble ; Marie Haag, violin ; Catherine Meeùs, violin ; NN, alto ; Benoît Vanden Bemden, violone ; Bernard Zonderman, theorbo.

Laurent Gerbaud and Les Muffatti have known each other since the beginning of time, or even before! They have somehow discovered each other. Laurent attended the first concerts of Les Muffatti, at the time when they were still young students, and Les Muffatti tasted the first experiences of Laurent, then a student at CERIA, even before he left to make his journey of initiation in China!
The sound, taste and olfactory experience promises to be memorable.

Xocoatl, a drink made from cocoa and spices with medicinal and even magical values, has been consumed in Mexico since 1900 BC. From the sixteenth century, the conquistadors, captivated by the gold of the Incas, tasted these tasty beans and took them to Europe where they joined the cohort of exotic products (spices, coffee, tea) imported via the new trade routes of the eastern and western Indies.
Is this what inspired Purcell for The Indian Queen (1695)? Quite characteristic of the English music of its time, the work tells a love story between an Inca general and the Queen of the Aztecs, during an imaginary conflict between these two pre-Columbian empires.
Purcell also frequented the first London chocolate factory, opened in 1657, and immersed himself in The new and curious treat of coffee, tea and chocolate written in 1688 by the Frenchman Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, who praised the qualities of these three new iconic products "necessary for doctors and all those who love their health".