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New children's book subscription needs input


Hello parents with little ones!

Have you heard of Little Humane Books? It's a wonderful initiative!

They are (developing) a new type of subscription for children's books.
It will help parents in Belgium (and beyond) to find unique English books to inspire little ones to read -and build a more humane world.

Give your input! They are looking for parent and school/teacher input on the priorities for their children's education. In return, they will offer a free trial of their books to help inspire your little one!

Have a look, send your input and spread word of Little Humane Books via:
The website:
The survey:


Clearly a scam!

Jan 14, 2020 20:27

Yes. Mystrikingly is a well known scam to rip off your personal and financial data.
Do not click on those links.

Jan 14, 2020 22:51

Hello, this is Christina, the creator of Little Humane Books.

Thank you for the last 2 messages. I understand if our post produces concern about the input it is requesting on our website, especially since we still have 'MyStrikingly' in the url.

When we are ready we will launch our website (encrypted and all) as

I want to assure you our request for feedback is coming from a good place. We genuinely want to understand the specific needs and priorities parents have regarding books for their children.

We are only interested in knowing how we could better serve families with books that really matter to them.

To that end, thaI hope you will rethink your visit to our pilot website at or contact me directly with any questions or comments at 0491 127 147.

Christina Reinards
Creator, Little Humane Books

Jan 20, 2020 10:56