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Nansky - Etrange planète

Gallery Jos Joos
17/11/2017 from 18:00until 31/12/2017 - 12:00
17 Nov
Gallery Jos Joos
Rue Belliard 200
1000  Bruxelles

Nansky - Exhibition 'Etrange planete'


Anna Nansky grew up in an modest family in L'Isle-Adam. She discovered painting and drawing in her childhood thanks to the various materials her father brought back home for her from his printing factory. She copied the most famous painters according to her own technique using for example materials like crayons. Her living environment, although seemingly common and not out of the ordinary, lead to her unusual destiny. Suffering from abuse and hardships due to a devout old-fashioned way of life, her childhood was like a long confinement, away from the appealing lights of the city. She could only fight against her miserable daily life by appealing more and more to her imaginative resources, and she developed a deep "inner life" which she was going to express mostly through drawing and painting.

                  "Confined to my bedroom, I used to kill time by watching the seasons pass by from the window, and my one and only concern was to wait for springtime and autumn, to watch the blossoming colours of fruit trees."

Being heartbroken by her father's death, she passed her A Levels, and soon after decided to quit her studies in publicity and leave the family nest, never wanting to come back.

Despite travelling intensively, her expectations remained unsatisfied and her painting still similar to a blind man. It was not until she met a famous art agent during her first visit to New York, that she had the sense of getting the beginnings of an answer to her search. It was him who introduced her to great painters, and got her enthusiastic about impressionism and cubism. He also got her in touch with various artistic circles in New-York and Paris. Being an autodidact she was constantly discovering new techniques and materials, and at this point she an important discovery for her work; acrylic paint.

In view of the growing scope of her work, she became known in France, and started selling to famous auction houses like Drouot and Drouot Montaigne. Nansky began to win the confidence of famous artists and be accepted to the select circle of art agents, galleries and collectors. 


Previous exhibitions took the artistic work of Nansky to Tel Aviv, Paris, Strassbourg, Le Touquet, Luxemburg and China. Nansky has received the award of Best Painter from the ‘Association des amis d’Automne’ in Paris in 2011. Her name is now engraved on the Grand Palais building, among other famous painters like Van Gogh, Manet and Picasso.


"The best moments of my childhood were gazing out the window, and watching the pebbles skip the water of the rivers while on vacation. In these short instances I forgot everything, and a new world was created around me."

Nansky considers each piece as a pictorial space. She conquers this space with a set of complex lines and occupies the surface with almost topographic grid lines. Nevertheless, the space that evokes the art of stained glass deploys an unsuspected depth caused by a very powerful game of colours. Colours that are crossed by lights and are full of textures. Colours that combine nuances and intensities in a very subtle way. Colours that open a third dimension to increase the scope of the interior and transform what may look like sky views into dizzying interrelated volumes.

The way she paints is not without reference to other artistic movements. The shapes may refer to Cubism, the colors to impressionism and her techniques to art Movement.