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Mont Saint-Michel & Normandy Trip

Expat Club
30/08/2019 from 7:00until 01/09/2019 - 22:00
30 Aug
Mont Saint-Michel

Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations:
Why join on this specific trip? As usual, Expat Club only travels to Mont Saint-Michel when the high tide level is exceptionally high. This means the “island” will become an actual island again because it will be fully surrounded by water. This happens only a few times per year (5-6 times, including on winter weekdays late at night). We are lucky because on this Saturday evening the levels are extremely high. We have been there with high tide of just 10,00 meters (not interesting), 12,15 meters (much more interesting), 12,85 meters (definitely interesting, 13,25 meters (cool), 13,75 meters (awesome) but now it will be a whopping 14,60 METERS (INSANE)!!! This is almost the highest tide ever measured (15,00 meters) at the island.
Visiting Mont Saint-Michel during such high tides makes it infinitely more special. This is namely the second highest tide in the world (after the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick / Nova Scotia). The incoming tidal wave alone is spectacular, because at certain points you simply cannot outrun it if you are on the dry sea bed, so fast. Therefore we hope we can welcome you on board our trip at the end of the summer holidays!
Mont Saint-Michel is on the bucket list of many expats in Brussels. But since it is far away and without good public transportation connections, basically the only way to get there is by car. Therefore Expat Club is organising a convenient late summer holiday weekend trip by luxury coach from Brussels and with many really nice fellow expats. This allows you to relax, meet new friends and enjoy a fantastic program with special guided tours that you would not be able to arrange on your own. This trip will be mega special, because when we are there the high tide is “super high” with 14,60 meters and will make the island an actual island again, which happens only a few times per year (out of 2 x 365 high tides per year!). It’s truly magical to witness this spectacular natural phenomenon.
Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations: