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Live Magazine Autumn: Unique storytelling shows in French for kids and adults

08:53 08/09/2019

Following a successful show in English in June, Live Magazine returns to the capital with two new editions for the autumn in French. It is staging a show for children aged seven to 12 on 13 October at Flagey and for adults on 23 October at Bozar.

Live Magazine is a unique concept that brings stories to life in an informative, entertaining and often emotional way. Presented as an original form of theatrical journalism, each show is a one-off and not recorded.

The children’s edition sees a line-up of journalists, children’s authors, comic-strip artists and budding reporters who will all take the stage to tell entertaining and lively stories.

Standing up in front of the audience at Bozar’s 2,000-seat Henry le Boeuf hall, will be journalists, photographers, authors and a Belgian literary giant, all recounting real experiences, from the serious and profound to the funny and intriguing.

The programme is designed to create moments of shared humanity. Expect to laugh, cry, learn something new and look slightly differently at the world. Live Magazine promises a pop-up experience, but there’s nothing ephemeral about its influence.

Live Magazine for children at Flagey
13 October, 15.00
Tickets, €15

Live Magazine for adults at Bozar
23 October, 20.00
Tickets, €19


Written by The Bulletin



Can I watch it somewhere? I would like to listen to such information.

Feb 17, 2020 14:04