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Hi All,
I may be getting opportunity to work for a US company with no presence in Europe. The role will enable me to work from (Belgium). I was just talking to the hiring manager about the ‘most efficient’ way of getting my salary. He was thinking that perhaps they contract a payroll company in Belgium to pay me or that I become self-employed and then get paid directly by them. They also plan to provide me with pension and health care support. Anyone knows what the best route is?


You need to get some really good professional legal and accounting advice and you should ask them to pay it.
If you are independent, you will invoice them monthly. But you will be responsible for your tax, pension and health care. This will be reflected in how much you can bill them. You need an accountant to advise you. You also need a good annual rolling contract.
Being an employee also works and contracting a payroll company sounds good. It gives you much more job security. But again you need to be very clear and have a good contract. They can certainly cover your health insurance costs. Pension may be more complicated because their scheme will presumably be US based. US employment law is very different from Belgian law. Try lawyers who are good. Any accountant can advise on setting up as an independent.

Aug 21, 2019 21:16

The simplest solution for you would be for the employer to contract a payroll company. That way, they manage everything and you just get on with your job.

Whether being independent makes sense will depend on how much you're going to be paid and what and how much of your "normal" expenses, you can put through as business expenses (thereby lowering your taxable income). Other factors such as whether you actually need your net income, or can afford to put a lot away for a pension can also have a big impact on your net income, and the business structure you want.

If you've been a contractor before and are happy with managing that, then go for it. If you've only ever been an employee, and are unsure, start with the payroll which is easy for everyone, and see how it goes.

You should really go and see an accountant to talk this through.

Aug 22, 2019 08:45