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20/01/2019 from 9:30until 20/01/2019 - 17:00
20 Jan
Let’s Yoga & Shiatsu
Rue des Tongres 9, 1040
1040  Brussels


Your own Breath - the Catalyst for Well-being!

At this time of the year many of us are making New Year's Resolutions. Very often they are deemed to fail, for many reasons.

Would you like to jump out of the box and find a new, old way out, through your own breath, to help your resolutions get reality?

If yes, you are very much welcome to join us at the beautiful serenity place of Let’s Yoga & Shiatsu in Brussels and breathe for all good resolutions.




TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH® is a simple but very efficient, self-healing technique based on conscious, connected, diaphragm breathing.

With Transformational Breath® you can learn how to breathe more efficiently and so to develop stress resilience, physical endurance and boost your immune system.

If you are ready,  you can clear the Subconscious, integrate negative beliefs about yourself/others and life traumas. As a consequence you will be able to handle better your Fears and Emotions. With Transformational Breath® you can transform Work Pressure and Stress into fuel for Success.

And last but not least, you can learn to re-connect with Yourself, strengthen your Confidence and get a clear mind to make the right decisions when needed.


Who is this Discovery workshop for?


The scope of this workshop is not restricted solely to people with (medical or personal) problems or for those who experience at the moment emotional or professional difficulties. It is not about to be "spiritual" in order to learn how to breathe properly and to develop the full potential of the respiratory system. Not at all.

This powerful seminar is for everyone, irrespective of their age, race, ethnic origin, beliefs (personal and social), medical and physical condition.

It is for everybody who works with people, who needs to speak in front of an audience, for all of you who use your voice at / as work; for those of you who need more physical energy and greater endurance.

And not to forget those Courageous who want to manage better, in a holistic manner, their emotions, stress and fears.


What will you learn?


By attending this Workshop you will learn:


•            The importance of proper Breathing

•            How Transformational Breath® (TBr) works

•            Physical, mental-emotional & spiritual benefits of TBr

•            Diaphragm exploration and breathing exercises

•            The power of intention while we breathe

•            2 full guided breathing sessions

•            What is next


As the Breath is our most faithful companion, you can learn in the course of time to use Transformational Breath® by yourself whenever you need it, in every moment, at every place. You will be able simply to relax on the back seat of your life-vehicle and enjoy just being.

Isn't this a magical surrendering to the flow of life?

Please sign up by latest 17.01.2019 with 10% discount

Tea & snacks & water will be offered. Price: 90 €

Your Teacher:

Stanislava STOEVA

Officially certified TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH® Facilitator & TEAM

Info & Registration:




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