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Group Art Exhibition: Cosmonauts of Inner Space - Brussels

14/06/2018 from 18:00until 25/06/2018 - 1:30
14 Jun
Temple gallery
Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen 132
1190  Forest

Participants: María Verónica Arís Zlatar, Harlinde De Mol, Hadassah Emmerich, Mikael Groc, Luna Haertjens, Allison Hake, Youngjae Lih, Robert Lisek, Chantal Pollier

Idea/concept: Spyros Verikios
Curator: Ilia Katsaridou
Organizers: DUOtONE

Cosmonauts of Inner Space -  Brussels   exhibition presents works of Belgian and International artists, scientists and researchers, covering a wide media spectrum, including Video Art, Artificial Intelligence, Installations, Painting, Sculpture and more.

During the exhibition, performances and research presentations (soon to be announced) will take place contributing to the dialogue between the different fields. Some of the performances will be realized jointly in 3 different cities: Tokyo, Brussels and Athens (Magnetic Dance project).

 The exhibition will take place at the same time with an exhibition under the same title at Athens, as part of the homonymous project: Cosmonauts of Inner Space, which is founded on the idea/concept of Spyros Verykios, who used the film Fantastic Voyage (Fleischer 1966) as the initial trigger, for focusing on the explorers of the “inner space” and their journeys within humans, which are an integral part of the human exploration.

Cosmonauts of Inner Space -  Brussels focuses on the relationship between the different loci of the human quests for acquiring knowledge, the conjunctions and disjunctions between the inner and outer space, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the private and the social, as well as on the different ways/means of approaching them. As an initiative point, it aims to explore the dialectic relationship between the “microcosm” and the “macrocosm”, with conceptual emphasis on the inner voyage or the assumption of a figurative trip inside the human body.

Moreover, the exhibition is characterized by an “openness” to all the approaches that the participants find relevant to its theme, as, for example, in relation to biology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, technology etc. This openness is additionally expressed through the representation of various media and artistic styles.

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