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Festival Artonov : Monsieur Croche

Festival Artonov
14/10/2018 from 14:00until 14/10/2018 - 14:00
14 Oct
Le Magasin Wolfers Frères - Musée Art & Histoire
Parc du Cinquantenaire 10
1000  Brussels

Revue Blanche Ensemble ; Lore Binon, soprano ; Caroline Peeters, flute ; Kris Hellemans, viola ; Anouk Sturtewagen, harp.

It’s like the impressionist Claude Debussy, who signed the pseudonym Monsieur Croche on his articles in musical magazines entered history. Just as Impressionist painters for the visual arts, Debussy has brought a new breath to French music. Walking off the beaten path, he created new forms, looked for new timbres, colours and harmonies. Debussy was not fond of the impressionist label. In a letter dated 1908, he wrote: "I try to do ‘something else’ - a kind of reality that fools call ‘Impressionism’".
In 2018, Revue Blanche will celebrate the centenary of the death of this musical genius.