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Festival Artonov : A forest of houses, a corridor of trees

Festival Artonov
14/10/2018 from 11:30until 14/10/2018 - 11:30
14 Oct
Maison Langbehn
Rue Renkin 90
1030  Schaerbeek

Emi Kodama, multidisciplinary artist ; Claude Ledoux, composer ; LAPS Ensemble, collective of musicians.

The space of a house extends to everyday reality as well as in our imagination.
Can Art Nouveau have a similar design to a Japanese house in the composition of space?
Emi Kodama, multidisciplinary artist, and the composer Claude Ledoux accompanied by his LAPS ensemble, will invite the public to a performance-walk in the many rooms of The Maison Langbehn, a kind of guide to explore imaginary landscapes

The way a guide navigates the landscape and an architect creates it will guide your spirit. In this performance we will compare how the physical space completes the mental space.
Emi Kodama leads this new way of visiting a house by being both a hiking guide and a landscape architect.

"A nature guide remembers his way by associating things he sees during his hike to elements of everyday life. He describes the walk in a meadow as a living room. A landscape architect designs a city garden to make you feel as if you were surrounded by nature. He plants a row of trees to block the view of a building. " (Emi Kodama)

Special thanks to Françoise-Emmanuelle Denis who is allowing us to use The Maison Langbehn for the occasion.