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Feruza Ochilova Quartet (Uzbekistan -Traditions of the Silk Road-)

16/11/2013 from 20:00until 16/11/2013 - 20:00
16 Nov
Muziekpublique - Molière Theatre
Galleries of the Porte de Namur
3 Square du Bastion
1050  Brussels

Feruza Ochilova Quartet presents the little-known musical traditions o Bukhara. Bukhara, the legendary desert oasis on the Silk Road, since the 16th Century seat of the most powerful emirs of Central Asia, was a city with hundreds of religious schools and a multicultural center: pre-Islamic and Islamic elements met with ethnic groups and people such as Jews, Hindus, Orthodox Russians, Persians, Mongols and Koreans. This gave the city its unique character, which is reflected in the music traditions.

Also the climatic conditions of the oasis with its special architecture related to water, has shaped the music. In the dry-hot climate it was not common - in fact, it was even considered " prohibited" - to perform music in chaikhanas, the traditional tea houses and tea gardens. Music had been played in the cool traditional houses and palaces with their high domes - and even in bath houses providing good acoustics. During the concerts often the traditional Central Asian undertone style "avazi khanaqai" was practiced and developed as an own music style, perfectly matched to the excellent acoustics of the architecture: the Mavregi. In many so-called mehmankhanas (lounges) the intellectual and cosmopolitan elite of Bukhara and the craftsmen listened to this secular repertoire in his skilful arrangements. Since the 16th Century a duality of religious and profan life existed - and the unifying element was music. Feruza Ochilova Quartet presents Mavregi alongside with folk tunes from Uzbekistan.

- Feruza Ochilova : Voice, Dutar, doira 
- Shavkat Matyakubov : Voice, Dutar, Qosh Nay, Surnay 
- Jorabek Ochilov : Voice, Gijak, Rubab, doira, tanbour 
- Husniddin Atoev : Qayroq, Ud, Rubab, Dutar