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The Fatlinerz w/ Mariah Kaaris, Ike Turnup, David Ghetto

Café Floréo
24/01/2020 from 22:00until 24/01/2020 - 22:00
24 Jan
Café Floréo
Rue des Riches Claires 19
1000  Bruxelles

No need to introduce David Ghetto, Mariah Kaaris or Ike Turnup a.k.a The Fatlinerz, as the band's fame has spread beyond the borders of the flat country.
Well known to the Berlin "nichteklub", the famous trio played there for more than a decade, the Bundeshweitz and the famous Bump Fett Festival in Kirchzarten.
They arrived in Brussels as part of a European-Australian trip that concluded a tour of the United States.
Big bass, big sound, their big highlight. A recipe for weight that won them praise at the Sausage Sweet&Sour in Desmoines (Illinois).
Rumor has it that they refused to let Ariana Grande open for them at Carson City's Garrison Square Arena, commenting, "This hoe ain't shit. The bitch needs to eat. "
They've worked with all the big names in the industry (Reid, Malkova, Texas, Diamond, Rodriguez, Jacky & Mike), the whole world is rolling out the red carpet for them.
The biggest selecta collective of the moment chose the 800 square meters of the oldest bar in the capital for their last passage on Belgian soil before leaving for Bamako.
Free entrance
Café Floréo
Rue des Riches Claires 19, 1000 Brussels