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Exhibitions Philippe Adamantidis and Francois Ducobu

Galerie Verhaeren
27/02/2019 from 18:00until 31/03/2019 - 14:00
27 Feb
Galerie Verhaeren
7 rue Gratès
1170  Brussels

Philippe Adamantidis "Les monteurs on terminer…Fermez la porte SVP" and François Ducobu "Déclins d'oeil"

Exhibition open Wed>Sat 2-6pm, Sunday 10-1pm, Opening Tuesday 26/02 as from 6pm.

ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 14 à 18h, dimanche de 10 à 13h.

Philippe Adamantidis looks at the world around him and willingly shares this sometimes offbeat vision of beauty that appears where everything seems condemned to abandonment, indifference and negation.

Photographer and cameraman François Ducobu does not work doesn't look for the chic or ornamental side of life. He walks with his camera around the world like a discreet passer-by, barely present but very impatient.

In his eyes, the banal is crowded, the landscape is explosive, daily life is a violent breeding ground where the derisory drama of the human condition is constantly woven.