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Anybody ever had problems with registration of a car in Belgium? I bought a car from a German dealer a few months ago, declared it at Customs, took it to Controle Technique (CT) who then refused to test it saying that they wanted assurances over the authenticity of the VIN under the hood i.e. whether it was the one originally engraved by the manufacturer, VW or a re-embossed one (in case the car had been in an accident). I had big challenges trying to get this attestation as VW Belgium would not do it because the car had never been previously registered in Belgium.

CT advised me to go to the nearest VW garage in Germany, I did and they managed to do the tests for me and wrote an attestation saying that it was the original VIN… I went back to CT and then they told me they couldn’t accept the attestation because it was not from VW HQ . I contacted VW HQ who then told me that they don’t do such attestations, they had never had of such a thing before, they said that the Certificate of Conformity should suffice requirements.

I got angry with CT because by now I couldn’t use my car as the temporary registration issued in Germany had now expired. I spoke with VW HQ again who were class and managed to convince D’Ieteren, the official VW importer in Belgium to test the VIN (a loss of EUR350 on my side). I took the care to D’Ieteren a week later on the appointed date. By this time, CT had also called the Autocrime (a special police wing which looks into car crime) asking them to check if the VIN was ok, Autocrime then said they had picked up some anomalies and they would contact me to do a check on the car. I advised them that the car was at D’Ieteren and they called them asking them to do a specific check on the car, on their behalf. A couple of hours later Autocrime called me and said the car was fine but they wouldn’t tell me what their suspicions were. They said they would write to CT advising them to proceed with the test and clear the car. We managed to get this done a few days later and went to DIV to register it and apply for plates which were then sent through and we thought the nightmare was over.

I received a voicemail today from the police (not Autocrime) basically saying DIV had contacted them to do a check on my car. I tried to call the officer back but he had left for the day. I'm assuming that they want to do the same check that Autocrime did and as they may not be connected, they probably don't know that this has already been done. Has anyone experienced this, why is this process so tough? Thanks


From what you say, it does look as if there may be a serious problem with your car. There used to be a scam where two crashed and written off cars had a good front end welded to a good rear end. I hope not and I hope you bought it from a reputable dealer and not some small second hand only dealer. The fact that it is being constantly questioned and checked is not encouraging. Good luck.

Jul 9, 2019 23:07

Agree with wezembeekwanderer, your car was probably either in a serious accident and was an insurance write-off, or it was stolen / involved in a crime at some point, which is why the police are interested.

Best of luck!

Jul 11, 2019 13:49